19 May Smile

I like the oddball. Comic strips from the 1950’s, saucy-seaside postcards, American pin-up art. So this is an amalgam of images, memories from childhood, places in the world I’ve visited, stuff I've simply liked and enjoyed along the way. However, the real inspiration for this was Hannah,...

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19 May Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

This was specifically executed for a ‘Small Scale’ art competition. No canvas with a width or depth, greater than 61 cms or 24 inches in old money! I suppose you'd call it a 'still life' and, if so, it's the second one I've painted and is...

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a pocket full of dreams

18 May A Pocket Full Of Dreams

This canvas took the longest to finish. I often find the resource and reference for my paintings in and around the home and garden. In this instance the landscaping pebbles down the right side were found in front of the laundry door exit....

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