About This Project

6ix7even4our – that’s the title I’ve given this one.

It has to be written exactly like this because, after all, it is the title!

Why 6ix7even4our? Well it’s completely arbitrary. I made it up, just like the painting.

Those who claim to be knowledgeable, to understand numerology will doubtless attach all kind of meaning to 6ix7even4our. Go for your life!

I like the work, No idea what it’s all about.

I could, of course, paint attractive, heartfelt portraits of someone both you and I have never met. John Lennon seems to be a popular art gallery item.

But no I paint this. And whether you like it or not, I’d still paint it anyway!

I know it’s unconventional, unorthodox and, upon reflection, there’s an allusion of nostalgia about this work. Does it have a hidden message? That’s entirely up to you. I truly wouldn’t have a clue.

All my paintings, hopefully, have one thing in common – they’ll make you smile.




Acrylic on Canvas
61 cms width x 76 cms height

Exhibited & Published

Featured in Contemporary Art Curator Magazine Online - Parallel Worlds