About This Project

Trichoglossus moluccanus, as everybody knows, is latin for rainbow lorikeet.
I see them flying and careering about in the trees outside my studio, being really bloody noisy.
I know I thought, what could be more Australian than a painting of a parrot. So I nailedthis one to a branch which had some berries on it, squeezed out some paint and here we are!
I’ve had a few relationships with birds since I’ve been in Australia. In the first house I called home in Australia a kookaburra used to occasionally perch on the hand-rail of the upstairs deck and eat spaghetti out of the palm of my hand.
No, I’m joking. It didn’t care for spaghetti!
And then, in the first house I bought in Australia, I found an azure kingfisher drowning in the skimmer box of the pool filter. I fished it out, put it in a cardboard box and took it to a local animal rescue vet. The little bird survived but didn’t leave a forwarding address!
That’s about it. I’ve called this one – Bush Tucker – because that’s a fair-dinkum, true-blue, bloodyAustralian title for a picture of a lorikeet, perched on a branch, eating berries.
Enjoy. No, not you, I’m talking to the bird!


Bush Tucker


Acrylic on Linen
50.9 cms width x 40.7 cms depth