About This Project

We’ve all been or are in one. We’ve all experienced one. And let’s not forget the relationship
you have with yourself.

Whether it be as members of society, as family members, as work colleagues or in gender-based, sexual relationships we all react and interact with each other. That’s the nature of relationships.

Black, white, brown, albino or polka-dot. Desire, loathing, despair, jealousy, anger, love – whatever the emotional trigger we’ve all taken the bullet. We all get shot!

This painting is about relationships. The elementary science, the interplay, that vital equation which either bonds or erodes our relationships with each other.

Which is why I’ve called this work Chemistry Lessons.

And I’ve chosen to use Barbie Dolls to portray the characters for several reasons.
Firstly because they’re both enigmatic and idiosyncratic. Secondly because I find them better equipped to convincingly convey and express the emotional context – the chemistry which exists between individuals.

Besides they’re more interesting than real people.

Each one I created using different body parts, faces, hair, wardrobes, poses and expressions.

So the dolls are fictitious but their relationship and chemistry is very real.


Chemistry Lessons


Acrylic on Canvas
101cms width x 76cms depth