About This Project

A daydream is often described in psychological terms as mind-wandering and self-reflection.

I think that‘s a reasonable hypothesis. And it goes some way to explain the choice of imagery I’ve used in this work which, without realising at the time, is about self-reflection.

I’ve called it – Daydream Believer. In fact the title came to me ‘out of the blue.’

Despite knowing precisely the images I was going to use I hadn’t come to a realisation or a conclusion about why I’d chosen them. Or what they all meant!

And, before any assumptions are made, no the chimpanzee has nothing to do with The Monkees’ 1967, chart-topping single of the same name!

I simply liked the obscure, primeval demeanour his presence conveys.

The toddler in the period photo is me. The space-cowboy next to me is, I guess, who I imaginedI wanted to be.

And still want to be!

All the other images are enigmatic, dumb-ass memories of a life lived devoid of clarity. Nevertheless, I have a soft spot for all these images and their chaotic collision.

I like the painting. It’s virtuous, veiled, visionary and vague.

It’s also worth remembering that ‘Batteries Are Not Included.’


Daydream Believer


Acrylic on Birchwood Panel
90 cms x 90cms