About This Project

I never imagined I’d end up painting pictures.

I do know that if I was devoid of talent I simply wouldn’t carry on with it and thereby saveon all those paints, brushes and canvas.

I always paint stuff that engages me. Things that have a narrative, a context even if itis seemingly incongruous. And I always paint my vision, my story.

More often than not I think my subject matter isn’t commercial and that people won’t engage with it. But it’s not something I dwell on.

Let’s face it most people who paint pictures and create images label themselves ‘artists.’ 

And in general they paint landscapes, seascapes, flowers, ballerinas, animals, peoplethey know or worse, bloody abstracts!But you have to be realistic. These images seem to be what most punters choose to hang on their lounge-room walls.

This artwork, unlike most of my other output is I think, commercial. That’s to say it would look good in a kitchen or restaurant setting anywhere in theworld. Even on a wall in a basement in Bucharest!

I trawled through loads of likely ingredients to make up a successful recipe for this canvas. Amongst those that didn’t end up being immortalised in paint were french fries, bananas, sliced salmon, garden peas and prawns (which the Americans refer to as ‘shrimp’).

The image on this web page looks OK but in reality the painting, even if I do say so myself, is brilliant. I particularly enjoyed painting the cabbage!

I’ve called it ‘Eats Meets West.’ Hope you like it. I do.


Eats Meets West


Acrylic on Canvas
76.3cms width x 76.3cms depth