About This Project

Pink flowers from the garden. The pebbles too. The doughnuts (Krispy Kreme) bought from a local motorway service station. The liquorice all-sorts from the neighbourhood store.

The beer coaster image? I’ve always liked luggage and hotel labels from the 1930’s. And the wording? Well, the Pant-yr-Ochain is a public house in a rural village, very close to where I was born, in North Wales. And Pant-yr-Ochain in the Welsh language translates into English as Pant-yr-Ochain. So, no surprises there!

So, memories of another life in another place and copious beers in the evenings!

What’s it all about? It’s about the caption in the speech bubble. It’s about everyone’s fear and apprehension – death, immortality and doughnuts.


It's a Matter of Life and Debt


Acrylic on Canvas
61cm depth x 101cm width


Clayton Utz 2015 Art Awards