About This Project

‘What’s it all about Alfie.’
Blimey! Cor-luv-a-duck! I remember that!
‘What’s it all about Alfie,’ was a chart-topping-hit single in the UK and America way back in 1966 (I looked it up).

It was also the theme song for a movie of the time, not surprisingly, called ‘Alfie.’ It starred Michael Caine (who I worked with years later on another move he starred in called ‘Mona Lisa’).

The song’s phrase ‘What’s it all about Alfie’ always comes to mind whenever I try to explain why I paint what I paint.

This one’s no different.

I went through a mountain of unorthodox ideas, discarded a raft of plausible visuals, rejected all kinds of useable concepts and strangled a myriad of possibilities until, emerging from a cloud of confusion, you end up with this!

And both you and I still don’t know what it all means, or indeed, what’s it all about.

You’ll probably read all kinds of ‘stuff’ into it. Look for all kind of answers to obtuse questions. And still be befuddled.

Especially if your name is Alfie.

And to add to the cloud of confusion I’ve christened it – ‘Malevolent Serendipity.’

Stark-raving bonkers! Go figure and good luck!


Malevolent Serendipity


Acrylic on circular Birch Wood Panel
90 cm x 90 cm