About This Project

This was specifically executed for a ‘Small Scale’ art competition. No canvas with a width or depth, greater than 61 cms or 24 inches in old money!

I suppose you’d call it a ‘still life’ and, if so, it’s the second one I’ve painted and is similar in feel to the first.

I’ve featured the little character in the yellow shirt and blue pants in other work. He’s an American, plastic figurine who wears the expression of somebody who has just been told a not entirely unexpected truth.

Hence the title of the work.


Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid


Acrylic on Canvas
46 cms depth x 35.5 cms width


Finalist, 2015 Lethbridge 10,000
Moreton Bay Region, Pine Rivers Art Gallery 2016 Exhibition - Still Life: Reanimating the Inanimate