About This Project

OK, here’s the story behind how this painting came into being.

I’d bought a 152.4 cms by 50.8 cms (or 60 inches by 20 inches in old money) linen canvas in an art-store sale. I’d had it for ages but didn’t know what I was going to use it for.

I’d also collected a bunch of characters. They were all visual images, head and shoulders mostly. Some I’d drawn, others I’d photographed. Some I’d researched and used previously in paintings, others had ended up being rejected and unused.

But I liked and had an affinity with each and every one of them.

And when I placed these images, these characters, these faces side by side, in other words ‘juxtaposed’ them, they took on the identity of a couple. A bit like creating characters in my very own ‘soap opera.’

They became couples captured in time, caught up in their own particular relationship, their own particular situations and surroundings – no matter how odd they may seem.

Hence the title ‘Strange Bedfellows.’

And hopefully their story, the yin and yang behind their individual relationships unfolds and ignites the imagination of the viewer.

I’m not sure I understand the relationships. But as the one who introduced them, the one who ‘set them up,’ I also became their confidant, their ‘keeper of secrets.’

Strange Bedfellows? Simply let your imagination get the better of you!


Strange Bedfellows


Acrylic on Linen
152.4cms width x 50.8cms depth


Finalist, 2018 Moreton Bay Art Awards