About This Project

OK, this is a landscape-seascape or a seascape-landscape? Whatever, it’s not my usual choice of subject matter.

And whenever I do paint this kinda stuff it’s, more often than not, the setting or background against which the storyline of my painting unfolds.

The storyline of this one began with a found photo-library shot. An image that triggered enough interest for me to set about re-configuring, cutting-up and generally mucking-around with the original ’til it eventually fitted my 152 by 76 centimetre canvas.

But here’s the thing! When I started painting the damn thing I found that I stopped following the photographic image and just followed my imagination. I made the whole picture up. Or better still, the whole story!

I’ve called it Taputapu which, as you all know, is Maori and means ‘Sanctuary.’

Not a lot more to say.




Acrylic on Canvas
152 cm width x 76 cm Height