There’s More To This Than Meets The Eye


Acrylic on Canvas
110 cm depth x 66 cm width


Finalist, 2015 Brisbane Art Spectacular

About This Project

I had an old black and white, aerial, ordinance-survey print. Circa 1950s Britain from above. I’d kept it and held on to it for years. Always liked it and thought one day I’ll use this for something.

And that ‘something’ turned out to be the background for this painting. The rest just evolved. I’ve no idea what it’s about or where the ideas sprang from.

The tin-toy robot is mine. I endeavoured to include tropical fish in the work, but my plans went astray.

All the fish drowned!

So, the scrunched and crumpled-up paper in the painting is the actual picture of tropical fish I was going to use as reference.

I wrestled with doubts over the caption in the speech bubble. I wanted something both confrontational and humorous.

And I am Welsh! Enough said!