About This Project

The Kimberley Desert, Western Australia, circa 1897. This was an inhospitable, arid, unforgiving land where the heat and the flies were constant, unwanted companions.

Out there in the outback the likelihood of meeting a young, nubile, lone female was rare if not unheard of! For the most part this land was populated by itinerant drovers and prospectors.

A mixed mayhem of characters in search of either gold or cattle or, at the very least, escape.

So, what is the relationship between the cowboy and the seemingly, innocent young woman? Have their paths just collided? Or have they met before?

And the character in the robot costume, what is he doing and why is he there? Is this all some elaborate joke? A misadventure? A charade?

Life is a mysterious journey full of conundrums, happenstance and serendipity yet, there is always one prevailing certainty – true love is hard to find.


True Love is Hard to Find


Acrylic on Linen
40.5 cms depth x 50.5 cms width


The Other Art Fair, Melbourne 2019
Gallery Finalist, Lethbridge 20,000, 2020
LA Art Show 2023, Los Angeles
Artexpo New York 2023
Hamptons Art Fair 2023, Long Island NY
Red Dot Miami 2023, Florida

In Print

Spring/Summer Issue 2021
Current Masters 6 (World Wide Art Books Inc. California USA). Part of a four-page feature published 2023.