we come in peace bearing gifts

About This Project

Call yourself an artist? You gotta paint a ‘Still Life’ to be taken seriously. I hadn’t painted one before.

I had the robots (from my own small tin-toy collection), tangeloes were in season and the other fruit was in a bowl in the kitchen.

I liked the idea of a dark background so set everything up on black foam board. It took a few attempts to get it right.

The glass of milk? I thought that would be ‘off-beat’ for a still life. I toyed with adding Milo to make it a chocolate milk but, in the end, didn’t.

The title? Well, that came to me when it was finished. The idea that the two robots could disguise their plan for world domination by extending the hand of friendship with a glass of milk and an onion.

‘We Come in Peace … ’ bollocks!


We Come in Peace Bearing Gifts


Acrylic on Canvas
45.5cm depth x 61cm width


Finalist, 2015 Brisbane Art Spectacular
Finalist, 2015 Moreton Bay Region Art Awards
Moreton Bay Region, Pine Rivers Art Gallery 2016 Exhibition - Still Life: Reanimating the Inanimate
The Other Art Fair, Melbourne 2019

In Print

Spring/Summer Issue 2021