About This Project

A smaller canvas but, hopefully, no less beguiling or intriguing.

From the very beginning I didn’t have a title. Which, for me, is unusual. I generally come up with the title for a new work fairly quickly.

It’s a kinda inspiration thing. An instantaneous moment. But not this time.

With an idea for a painting I’ve already imagined the background, the setting where it all takes place. And I’ve got the period, atmosphere and perhaps even the nuances. After that there’s the characters to create. Who and what is going to inhabit the canvas?

And then, of course, there’s you the viewer. I rely on you to imagine what happens next. How the story unfolds, and what the outcome might be.

It’s all up to you! And to make the whole thing more perplexing and to add to the visual dilemma I’ve called it – Ambiguous Certainty.

Confused? Join the club!


Ambiguous Certainty


Acrylic on Canvas
51 cm wide x 41 cm height