About This Project

For a large part of my life I lived and worked in London. For some of that time in the ‘music business’ or as I prefer Rock ‘n’ Roll.

I remember the music and the ever-changing fads and fashion.

For a fleeting time I worked for Stiff Records creating their album sleeves, visual imagery and press advertising. They were at the cutting-edge of what was musically hot and hip in Britain and North America in the late 70’s.

And I remember ‘Punk’.

I wasn’t into The Clash, Sex Pistols, The Damned, Buzzcocks etc. They were not part of my cultural generation. But I do remember walking down Chelsea’s Kings Road one Saturday afternoon and seeing teenage punks carrying Stiff albums that I’d designed and thinking …..’Yeah, rock on!’

What was punk rock? Well, it was an aggressive form of rock music that spawned an ideology and aesthetic routed in anarchy, sarcasm, teen rebellion and alienation.

So, this painting pays homage to that time. I don’t know these two characters but, for me, they epitomise that period – London in the late 70’s.

It was all about the attitude, the fashion and the hair. It left an indelible memory.

I’ve called it – Children of The Revolution – which I thought appropriate. It’s borrowed from Marc Bolam’s earlier chart hit of 1972.

Me a Punk? Nah! Never!





Children of The Revolution


Acrylic on Canvas
61 cm width x 61 cm height


Gallery Finalist, Lethbridge 20,000 Prize, 2022