About This Project

This one I’ve called – numberfortythree – (written just like this)

Paintings deserve titles. Even if they don’t make sense.

To be honest, I’d no idea what title to give this one. I was in a quandary, I was completely flummoxed!

Hardly surprising as almost all my work is chaotic.

Every week I get emails asking me to exhibit overseas. Invitations from galleries, organised art events and sometimes publishers looking for images for their ‘art anthologies.’ It’s obviously flattering but in reality, despite the opportunities, if you don’t sell any work the whole adventure is unaffordable!

With a recent invite from Venice they actually emailed images and the titles of my paintings they were most interested in showing.

And that interest is invaluable because it highlights and pinpoints work you’ve done that others (in this case Italian art-fair organisers) find likeable.

One work they picked out was – There Are No Easy Answers – (which dates back some years and is on this website).

So the work you see before you is an attempt to emulate and eclipse my earlier work.

It all kicked-off with the juvenile aardvark and madame in the silver-blonde wig. Having found those images I then set about trawling for others that for me ‘ticked all the boxes’. And in planning the whole composition, I built a stage for them to appear on.

As with all my paintings it took eight to ten weeks to complete (if not longer).

And during the whole endeavour that illusive title eluded me.

So, here’s the rationale. Not all my work appears on this website. But counting the ones that do, in chronological order, this is ‘Painting No. 43.’

Hence the title – numberfortythree.

End of story. Too easy. Just don’t ask me what it all means. I’d be the last to know!




Acrylic on Birch Wood Panel
90 cms x 90 cms (Circular)

In Print

Circle (Foundation for the Arts) Quarterly Art Review 2022. Part of a three-page feature.