About This Project

A ‘Still Life’ for the 21st. Century.

My second visit, with this painting, to an earlier theme and subject matter. But this time the title tells it like it is.

I set the whole thing up using a black background which changed as soon as the paint hit the canvas. Not unusually for me the whole idea came into being when I spotted the strawberry milk on a supermarket shelf.

The two tin-toy robots are from my own small collection, although the yellow one now flaunts the augmentation of two circular, flashing-red, warning lights on the torso. A possible suggestion of femininity?

As the old adage says – ‘what you see is what you get’ – in this case two robots, some fruit, a strawberry milk and an onion.


two robots, some fruit, a strawberry milk and an onion


Acrylic on Canvas
50.8 cms depth x 61 cms width


Gallery Finalist, 2018 Lethbridge Prize (Australia)