a pocket full of dreams

About This Project

This canvas took an age to complete. That’s possibly because the original painting once finished didn’t really match my expectations.

I often find the resource for my paintings in and around the home and garden. For example the landscaping pebbles, down the right side of the canvas, were found by the laundry door where you step out into the garden.

I’d used them in the original work but was never really happy with it. So, I put it back on the easel, and started again. I kept the pebbles, the beach sand and water from the original, added new elements and the whole affair just grew and gained momentum from there!.

The postcard image is a homage to fifties style ‘Americana’. The caption, that’s all me.

And to save you looking up ‘VENUSTRAPHOBIA’. It’s the medical term for – The Fear of Beautiful Women – which manifests itself in breathlessness, inability to speak or think clearly, a fear of losing control or a sensation of detachment from reality!


A Pocket Full Of Dreams


Acrylic on Canvas
80cm depth x 140cm width