About This Project

This is the third in a series of three paintings all of which centred and subsequently evolved around images of ancient ruins.

The original visuals were researched and found online but I only use them as reference, as a starting point. And I never know where the journey will take me nor where it will end.

I also found some statues online. They were historic, unusual and magnificent. As was the sky, which is a vital element – it creates mood.

Finding and unearthing all the ingredients is, for me, the path travelled when I’m ‘putting’ my paintings together.

Obviously I plan them in some detail and use, in this case, predominately photographic reference which I collate, change and re-assemble in Photoshop to create the characters, the setting, the period, the atmosphere and the final imagery I‘m after.

For example the face, expression and demeanour of the female character was important. I found a believable face and married the body, jewellery, clothing etc. from other sources to orchestrate the character.

Inevitably, everything changes when the original ideas translate into paint on the canvas and the eventual outcome
is just as the title says – In The Lap of The Gods.

In other words, if E = mc2 then all of life is a conundrum.


In The Lap of The Gods


Acrylic on Linen
91.5 cms width x 61 cms depth


The Other Art Fair, Melbourne 2019

In Print

Spring/Summer Issue 2021
'Contemporary Art of Excellence' Vol. IV 2021 (Global Art Agency Publishing UAE)