About This Project

After not picking up brushes and paint for year after year after year, when I finally bought a canvas this was the first artwork I produced.

This is the first off the production line in, what was personally, a voyage of re-discovering painting.

As usual I didn’t have an inkling as to what I’d like to paint! So, I went trawling through bookshops looking for inspiration.  I found, and this was an absolute fluke and total surprise, a publication by The Royal Horticultural Society entitled ’Grasses.’ I simply liked the images in it.

And this was the trigger, the motivation to pick up the brushes and start painting again.

I’d always liked the artwork. It even hung on a wall in the hallway of one of our homes, but was eventually taken down and relegated to remain unseen for years, stacked facing the wall in my studio.

Although I thought the work was striking there were bits that I wasn’t 100% happy with. So, after years of neglect, I put it back on the easel and took another ‘walk in the grass.’

Giganteus Miscanthus (the title) is, of course, yer actual Latin name for a grass which is described as being – ‘dramatic in its combination of yellow variegation and unusual in that the culms it puts on in early summer are upright, but those developed in autumn are oblique.’

A bit like life itself!


Giganteus Miscanthus


Acrylic on Linen
50.8cms width x 76.2cms depth