About This Project

So what’s this one all about?

Well, it’s the second painting in a series of three, all of which sprang into life and onto the canvas around a central theme of ancient ruins.

I like weather-beaten, man-made stone relics and ruins. They remain an intriguing snapshot of their former glory.

And they provided the platform around which I built the narratives and storylines for this series of paintings.

In this particular painting the sky is a vital element. As too is the physical location and the sense of place and time it imparts.

The hyenas? They seem the embodiment of evil and convey a sense of foreboding by just being hyenas. They became part of the narrative before the female and child. Although I had to cunningly, choose and place each individual animal in the group.

The small child and female, presumably mother and child, came about by pure happenstance. As did the old pick-up truck. I’ve a liking for old vehicles that in a similar fashion have transformed into relics of their former glory.

I don’t have a plan or preconception when I’m creating and putting together the ingredients that make up a painting. I don’t have a recipe. In fact I’ve no idea where the ideas come from.

I do think this work is a little disquieting. There’s a sense of unease about it.

Although I think the title (borrowed from Mr. McCartney) is fitting.


Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away


Acrylic on Linen
61cms depth x 122cms width


Finalist, 2018 Brisbane Rotary Art Spectacular