About This Project

Many years ago, in my illustrious career, I had a graphic-design studio in Wardour Street, in London’s Soho. For decades Wardour Street was the epicentre for all things celluloid and cinema. Jubilee Graphics was at No. 101.

It was set up and financed by John Reid Enterprises. In other words Elton John.

This painting echoes back to those days when I worked alongside David Costa creating theimages and designs that would elevate musicians to world-wide, chart-topping, rock-stars. It was probably the best job in the world!

In a time before computers, digital images and smart phones, when posters sold in their millions,the idea of an astronaut on a cross floating in space above the earth seemed arresting and provocative. An idea and an image that, with the right trajectory, could be a mammoth-selling, money-earner!

To make the proposition more viable we actually staged the whole thing!

A life-size cross made of wood was commissioned, a studio hired along with an astronaut’s costume and a top-flight American photographer, whose name eludes me, was cajoled into taking the shot.

The astronaut’s gear was easy. Bermans (costume hire) was around the corner in Shaftesbury Avenue. I volunteered to be the astronaut!

I knocked up a gouache Illustration as a visual aid to selling the idea and in the hope that it might help push things along. But, as isoften the way with stunning ideas, the whole venture evaporated into the ether! 

I did, however, keep my original illustration. Now, all these years later, it’s reborn as the inspiration for this painting!

As the title says – ‘The Quest for Eternity’ – continues unabated.


The Quest for Eternity


Acrylic on Birchwood Panel
60 cms x 60 cms


LA Art Show 2023, Los Angeles Convention Centre
Artexpo New York 2023, Pier 36 NY
Hamptons Art Fair 2023, Long Island New York State
Red Dot Miami 2023, Florida

In Print

Spring/Summer Issue 2021
'Contemporary Art Of Excellence' Vol. IV 2021 (Global Art Agency Publishing UAE)